Ableton Easy FX Rack

Ableton Easy FX Rack

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Sick of wasting time repeating the same processing & effects on your tracks? We built the 'Ableton Easy FX' rack to speed up your workflow and stop you wasting time! 🔥 

We all know how often we use the same old effects & automation, constantly dragging the same FX onto channels, copy and pasting them and wasting time. So we built an all in one 'Easy FX' rack to make your production process 10x faster! ⏰

This rack can be used on all channels to add dimensions, manipulate EQ & also used on your master as a build up tool with features such as Reverb, Echo, Width & Filters. 

Simply drag and drop into your track & let our racks do the MAGIC. 🪄

You do not need any external plugins to use the FX rack, its completely made of Abelton Stock Plugins with simple macro knobs to automate and craft your sounds in seconds.


Completely 'Easy FX' rack mapped with all the tools you need to work your sound with ease & speed.

  • Volume Automation
  • Reverb Mix
  • Reverb Decay
  • Echo Mix
  • Echo Type
  • Stereo Width
  • High Pass Filter
  • Low Pass Filter

You can also map additional FX to this rack such as Compression, Saturation, Chorus, Multiband and many more. 


Our racks are compatible with Ableton Live 10.1.3 and above. We use stock plugins only and all one shots are included. 

  • Speed Up Your Workflow
  • Improve Your Tracks Instantly
  • Instant Download Included

All of our racks are created for Ableton Live 10.1.3 and above.

To use simply open the project file & you will find the racks inside, from there you can save them to your Ableton User Library to open in your own projects quick & easily.

The download for this product also includes a more detailed PDF with instructions & support.

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These racks have saved me so much time! Very impressive!

Tom Wilson
Manchester, UK

Amazing sounds, easy to use & improved my tracks so much!

Joey Burns
London, UK

My workflow is 10x better since using these racks, they come in SUPER handy!

Lisa Merrydale
Salem, USA

Very impressive racks that make production so much quicker & fun! 100% recommend!

Alfie Wright
Sydney, Australia

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